Why Do Our Bodies Age?

For thousands of years famous explorers have searched to find the solution to stop or reverse the aging process. Today people turn to harsh treatments like chemical peels and Botox injections. But not any of those solutions are solutions to the core problem.

Our cells divide every day and the new cells’ DNA does not get a perfect copy.So the core problem is that our CELLS age. The most obvious aging of our cells that we see is in our skin as we develop wrinkles, age spots, dryness, discoloring and more.

In every cell we have our chromosomes and the end caps of those are called Telomeres. Every time our cells divide, those Telomeres get shorter. This is a protection mechanism to keep most of the DNA coding, on the inside of the chromosome, intact. However, that shortening of the Telomeres is the core reason WHY our BODIES AGE.

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Violence Causes Aging

A new study suggests that being exposed to violence causes us to age faster than normal.

In a recent study scientist measured the Telomeres of children under the age of 10 who are subjects to domestic violence, physical maltreatment by an adult or bullying.

The kids who were exposed to such types of violence were showing a faster shortening of Telomeres and with that a more rapid aging process. Shale, a post-doctoral researcher at Duke Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy in Durham, N.C. says that unless there is a significant change in these children’s life’s to non-violence these children could be expected to develop diseases of aging, such as heart attacks or memory loss 7-10 years earlier than their peers.

They also found that improving nutrition, exercise and stress reduction may help to slow down the aging process in these kids.

This adds to other studies that suggest that stress and adversity at young age in life makes a long lasting imprint in our DNA, Charles Nelson, professor at Harvard Medical School.

Again, this is another pointer that stress in general is one major cause of aging.
Violence in this case causes the child to be in a high stress situation in which body is producing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin, heart rate goes up, blood pressure increased and all other effects of the so called “fight or flight” mode.

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Stress related Diseases shorten Telomeres

Most recent research is indicating that Stress is having an impact on our Aging process. It not only affects our hormonal balance and with that which organs in the body are being turned on or off.

When we are in stress we are in a fight or flight mode which means that a lot of body functions, such as digestion and metabolism is put on the side burner. Our eyes, dilate, blood pressure goes up, heart is beating faster and we breath heavier and more rapidly.

Now scientists are finding some effects that are not so obvious but quite radical to our health.

Under stress, Telomeres appear to shorten faster and with that cause premature aging.

Scientists studied the human stress response that is regulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, or HPA axis, which controls the body’s levels of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. It is known that this axis generally does not function normally in those suffering from depression and stress-related illnesses so they studied the relationships between telomere length, stress, and depression.

In studying different groups of individuals with and without depression, they found that Telomeres were shorter in the individuals wit depression.

In conclusion Stress- related diseases such as Depression causes us to age faster.

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The Search for Links Between Telomeres and Anti-Aging

Since telomeres were discovered and the mechanism behind them elucidated during the 1970s, there has now emerged the question of the relationship between telomeres and anti-aging. Before discerning the relationship between telomeres and anti-aging, let us take a look at what telomeres are.

Telomeres are repetitive DNA strands found in tail ends of chromosomes. Telomeres are the ultimate arbiters of whether a cell will continue dividing or not: as long as the telomeres of a cell are long enough, the cell can still divide, but for each division, the telomeres get shorter. The telomere will shorten to the extent that the cell cannot divide anymore, and then just dies.

Now, telomeres also serve to prevent chromosomes from fusing together, because if such happens, then the genetic material comprising the cell will become mixed up, and that can lead to cancer.

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The Benefits of Why We Should Continue Telomere Research

Telomere research is a very integral segment of cell physiology. Telomeres are repetitive sequences of DNA found at the tip of a chromosome. In 1970, a Russian scientist Alexei Olovnikov first noticed that the tips of chromosomes do not divide at all, and so he then suggested that whenever a cell divides, some parts of that “tip” shed off, until the loss is so substantial such that the cell cannot divide any further, and so dies. A little while later, Elizabeth Blackburn, while doing postdoctoral studies at Yale, determines that these telomeres are repetitive DNA sequences at chromosome tips. The telomere does indeed shorten at each cell division, so a cell can’t divide perpetually – the length of the telomeres determine the number of divisions a cell can take.

Further telomere research has shown that telomeres are cellular-level determinants of aging, and that telomeres prevent chromosomes from rearranging or sticking to each other, for when chromosomes begin doing these cancer may result. Once cells have no telomeres left, they die. Such is the might of cancer cells – they have ways of escaping destruction even if they have no telomeres left.

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Telomere Products and What They Can Mean for Your Life

An exciting team of Noble Prize winning scientists have made telomeres popular. They have even brought about a bit of authenticity to the link between telomeres and anti-aging. One of the ingredients discovered is called teprenone, which people are using in different anti-aging lotions and skin care products. It is also sometimes called Renovage.

So, why are telomeres important and how do they work, and what can the latest telomere products do for us? I always think it’s important to explain it in the most basic way possible. Let’s just break it down like this. Telomeres are on the end of our DNA, and when we replicate DNA, the telomere has a huge part in this. Telomeres carry the important information. Bad things happen when telomeres get short! When they get too short, they activate cell crisis and then the death of the cell all together, which results in aging!

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