The Function of Telomerase

When the cell replicates and divides, the sequence of nucleotides slowly gets shorter, and the telomere length declines as well. The shortening of the telomeres is believed to be the source of cellular damage, causing the cell division process to slow down as well. Slow, cellular decline leads to dysfunction which causes death. The telomerase enzyme helps to stop the loss of gene information during DNA replication.  The telomerase enzyme is at the helm for maintaining cell division behaviors.

Many different proteins and a string of RNA make up telomerase. Telomerase enzymes seem to halt the cellular cycle of aging by giving extra DNA data to the chromosomes. Telomerase enzymes allow the cells to divide, and allow for cell regeneration.   Many scientists are coming to the conclusion that it is possible to reverse aging with the telomerase enzyme in this lifetime!

Cells divide, and during this duplication process, the telomeres become shorter and shorter each time.  It is believed that this process of telomeres shortening causes damage to your cells. When telomeres shorten, the cell has the inability to duplicate itself fully and properly. This is how the aging process begins. Aging is a direct consequence of shortened telomeres.

Telomerase has the function of transferring data and information from one cell to another during the ‘copying’ process. If we lose genetic information, we lose that youthfulness. Once you completely understand the function of the telomer’s and how telomerase works, you can see the direct links to how important they can be in resolving degenerative diseases caused by aging. Imagine being able to reverse this. Scientists have discovered and are beginning to discuss how telomerase enzymes regulate genetic repair and also begin to regulate telomerase sequences. By stopping the shortening of telomeres, and plus adding in the possibility of being able to actual lengthen them, scientists are considering the possibility of actually stopping the biological clock from ticking down…and maybe even reversing it. This is exciting news! And with this news being so darn exciting, many scientists and experts are beginning to recommend some of the best telomere lengthening treatments available. It’s cutting edge, and it’s here and available right now! AWESOME!

Imagine the possibilities of extending the length of each chromosome. Ok, so this might not sound so exciting. But, let me tell you why it is. By extending chromosome length, we are actually talking telomere lengthening. That means that we are not only stopping cells from degeneration, we are talking about actual re-growth in each cell division. WOW!  This means that action needs to be taken, right now.  Lengthening telomer’s can be a bit of a slow process, so, starting immediately, you will see greater benefits!

Utilizing telomerase enzymes is one of the best anti-aging tactics that helps to enhance your own current DNA structure. What could be better?



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